Final Words – For This School Year

Well here we are, finally in the last few weeks of the school year. I can’t believe it. I’ve finally made it. I’m honestly kind of sad that I wont ever have another Pinellas Virtual School class. But it’ll be cool to move on to full-time college at the same time! I’m now working on my fourth college class as of yesterday. I’ve survived and passed Composition I and II with high A’s! And well…Psychology wasn’t so successful…but I still passed! I’m currently working on a Speech class now at the lovely SPC Clearwater campus. Looks like it’ll be a fun class! Plus it’ll get me closer to graduating with my AA. I guess that’ll be the only thing I’ll really do this summer, other than maybe going to a summer camp. Oh! I’m making these really neat coffee mugs and selling them to raise money to go to the summer camp! I really hope I can make it! I’ve really enjoyed making the mugs, too! I think I’ll continue to make them just because it’s a neat way to earn money and they are just so cute. Also I have three big things coming up this summer!! Those being: my birthday, my graduation, and my adoption day. So I’ll have a lot of celebrating to do! Anyways, I guess that’s my last ramble for the year. đŸ™‚


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