Texting: Our New Best Friend and Worst Enemy

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “It’s a Text, Text, Text, Text World.”

Texting. Well, it has its positives: you can send a quick message to get information like an address or number that your mind may not be able to remember within the five second it was spoken. You can be discreet about something maybe you didn’t want someone else to hear, (you have to be super duper careful about that, of course – but I’m definitely not afraid to admit I’ve done it with a sister. Gets us out of a lot of awkward situations. Plus when you’re just unable to talk, texting makes communication still possible. On the downside…it has a good amount of negatives: I’ve noticed people don’t find my sarcasm quite as funny over a text, as they may have in person. Another HUGE thing; you can’t read emotions and that is probably the worst most awful thing ever. As an empathetic person, emotions and faces are what I need to read to know what to say and what not to say. There’s just something about texting that completely hinders that sense of realness, closeness to a person.

I’m gonna share a little insight from my life on texting. Texting is probably one of the most important things to me right now. Why you ask? I’m in a long-distance relationship and the miles suck; but texting makes it possible to talk to that person every day. I love texting for that reason. We get to send cute little good morning texts that I just adore – and the emojis, gah, I love the emojis! Of course I’ve noticed that over texting – because of the whole no face/no emotion thing – we tend to get upset over something that was meant to be meaningless, maybe a little tease or whatever, but we – no mainly I – I take it to heart. Such a fool for that, but it happens. Those are the moments I’m thankful for phone calls and Skype, especially Skype. Not to bring in a whole new form of electronic communication… only mentioning it for a second, I promise! But yeah, Skype is so helpful when it comes to seeing the persons face and getting a little more insight into their emotions, I feel like I’m closer to being there. Until it lags and we both look a little distorted over the webcam… but you get my drift. Anyway, back to texting, it can be a wonderful thing in many situations, and I’m thankful for it.

P.S. How do I communicate emotion and intent in a purely written medium? The emojis. The wonderful, amazing emojis. And of course, I put plenty of thought into the text so it sounds a little more like what I would’ve wanted to say in person.


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