Five a Day

Taking yet another idea from The Daily Post’s Daily Prompts, Five a Day. Topic: You’ve been exiled to a private island, and your captors will only supply you with five foods. What do you pick? (Please bear with me, this is totally not gonna be professional, or formal, or anything fancy – just basically me talking to you, sorry, lol.)

Anyway. Okay. Hard question. One, we’re on an island – I don’t think there’s gonna be a refrigerator. Two, I like a lot of food. I just hope the island has a lot of vegetation. Let’s say it does. I’d want foods to spice up and blend the veggies and fruits so I think my first choice of food would be dough. (That needs a refrigerator, doesn’t it?…) Well anyway, dough you could add some sea salt and make it great with veggies and animal meat from the island – which means I’m gonna have to learn to hunt. My gosh. Scary. I’ll have some island guy do it for me. Plus you could take the dough and fruit and make pastry-ish things – let’s face it, it won’t be bakery style, but hey, it’s food. So food one: dough. Food two: butter. Butter makes every thing better. So that’s that. Food three: rice. You can add veggies from the island, you can add butter, you can add meat, you can really add anything to rice and it’s perfectly edible – also perfectly bland, but hey, it’s food. Food four: lasagna?? Can I have lasagna as a food?? That’s like a mix of all kinds of ingredients but I could never ever ever get tired of lasagna – and the dough and butter! I could make garlic bread to go with! (God, please let there be garlic on the island!) Okay, okay, okay, we’re down to my last food choice – uh oh. Not really. Food five: cheesecake. I don’t care. I love cheesecake. I’m having it breakfast, lunch, and dinner. No one can stop me now. — I love how I switched from totally logical, thought-out ideas to fancy foods. Hey I get to pick, so I picked well. There will be plenty of vegetation and animals on the island so I’ll be able to mix and match my other foods up and make them all yummy, but I need my lasagna and cheesecake.


One thought on “Five a Day

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA – I love that you wrote this post like you were just talking to me, or anyone else for that matter…your writing made me feel as though you were speaking to me…being more direct and personal…that is exactly the purpose of awesome blog writing, and you did it with total ease!!! 🙂 As for the 5 foods…oh my gosh…that made me think about my 5 foods!!! Anddddd, so long as there is an island boy that will do the hunting, maybe I can also use him as my sous chef, for the meals that I will be brining along with me!!!! Here are my 5: macaroni and cheese (can I borrow the butter that you bring so that it doesn’t have to count as one of my ‘5’??!! :)), Chex Mix (but only the Chex…I don’t much like the rest of the mix), COFFEE, pizza, and breadsticks!!!!!! Hey, I’ll be doing a ton of walking and swimming, so I should be able to burn off all of those carbs…right??!! I’ll do wind sprints between consuming my mac and cheese and pizza/breadsticks!! 🙂 This was an awesome post…made me figure out my 5 necessary foods + coffee to survive on an island! 🙂


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