Five a Day

Taking yet another idea from The Daily Post’s Daily Prompts, Five a Day. Topic: You’ve been exiled to a private island, and your captors will only supply you with five foods. What do you pick? (Please bear with me, this is totally not gonna be professional, or formal, or anything fancy – just basically me talking to you, sorry, lol.)

Anyway. Okay. Hard question. One, we’re on an island – I don’t think there’s gonna be a refrigerator. Two, I like a lot of food. I just hope the island has a lot of vegetation. Let’s say it does. I’d want foods to spice up and blend the veggies and fruits so I think my first choice of food would be dough. (That needs a refrigerator, doesn’t it?…) Well anyway, dough you could add some sea salt and make it great with veggies and animal meat from the island – which means I’m gonna have to learn to hunt. My gosh. Scary. I’ll have some island guy do it for me. Plus you could take the dough and fruit and make pastry-ish things – let’s face it, it won’t be bakery style, but hey, it’s food. So food one: dough. Food two: butter. Butter makes every thing better. So that’s that. Food three: rice. You can add veggies from the island, you can add butter, you can add meat, you can really add anything to rice and it’s perfectly edible – also perfectly bland, but hey, it’s food. Food four: lasagna?? Can I have lasagna as a food?? That’s like a mix of all kinds of ingredients but I could never ever ever get tired of lasagna – and the dough and butter! I could make garlic bread to go with! (God, please let there be garlic on the island!) Okay, okay, okay, we’re down to my last food choice – uh oh. Not really. Food five: cheesecake. I don’t care. I love cheesecake. I’m having it breakfast, lunch, and dinner. No one can stop me now. — I love how I switched from totally logical, thought-out ideas to fancy foods. Hey I get to pick, so I picked well. There will be plenty of vegetation and animals on the island so I’ll be able to mix and match my other foods up and make them all yummy, but I need my lasagna and cheesecake.


Connecting the Dots – Beautiful Days

Taking the idea from The Daily Post’s Daily Prompts, I’m going to write every third word from the 82nd page of Beautiful Days by Anna Godbersen. Let the fun commence.

Several people walked by the cafe early this morning. Some passerby’s were more happier than the others as you could tell in their profiles. Scotty looked dreadful, he was a teetotaler after-all, and so his alcohol abstinence has seemed to bring him down these past few months. He disliked going to the bars with his friends because he knew he couldn’t drink. Some of his friends though it was silly, the way he didn’t drink. He sometimes thought it was silly too; that was until he met the woman of his dreams. She would tell him from a women’s perspective that women liked a man that could keep his head straight and the lack of alcohol in his breath made him more appealing. They decided together they would make up an anti-alcohol union where people from all over could come and find that people do accept that you don’t drink alcohol and maybe alcohol isn’t the only answer to happiness. This was a great idea they thought. He was so happy she felt the same way and her soothing words took him to an entirely different place. He knew for a fact he was in love with her. Just the way he felt about her when she would speak or even just sit there, in all of her beauty and essence; he knew that she was the one. A one of the kind girl. The great thing was that she loved him also. They were a perfect match and so they would always be.They would dream of marrying and having the most wonderful life together and so he would always think of all the different ways he could one day propose to her. Of course he had plenty of help from his dear friend, Jim. He was an already married man and so he had already gone through the head-wrenching time of figuring out that perfect way to propose. They researched a million ideas and read a million articles along the lines of just that subject. That was certainly an incredible friend-bonding few months.  I think that you should do something big – something fancy.” Jim suggested. Yeah.” Scotty responded. If only it were that easy, he thought to himself, then he would have the entire world at the back of his hand. He just couldn’t think of something that was big and fancy and doable without running himself into debt before even getting into his new married life. We’re going out for the day” Scotty texted Jim, reminding him in a round-about way that today was the big day. Scotty sure hoped for the best and that it would blow the socks off of his fiance to be. He carried a big weight on his shoulders thinking about how the family’s would be joined by their marriage, and how their new life would carry on, and when they’d have their first kid – just everything. Before his head exploded, he knew he needed to ask. Arriving at her very favorite sight-seeing place, they walked out onto the long cobblestone road underneath the beautiful Japanese cherry trees. Putting a wonderfully-scented blossom in her hair and bending down on one knee, he said, Cordelia, will you marry me? Pulling the gorgeous diamond ring from his jacket. Her cheeks were rosy red and tears were in her eyes. She’d surely say yes, and she did. She told him this was such a shock – in a wonderful way of course, but she was so excited and full of joy that she wrapped her arms and squeezed him tight as she kissed his sweet face. She put the beautiful ring on and he pulled her tawny blonde hair behind her and held her tight. She tucked her hands into the cloth of his jacket and just stood there awhile. Then they decided they should take their first out-of-town trip as an engaged couple. When they got home, they packed their luggage and set off from home. It arrayed a dark, cloudy forecast up above, but they weren’t going to let it ruin their day. They even somewhat liked it better because they planned to go by train and how peaceful would their little journey be by the comforting sound of the rain. They got on the train passing the first few front seats, planning on going somewhere towards the back where fewer people would sit. This was perfect. They were off to see new things and plan for their future. I love you.” Scotty said as he watched his beautiful fiance sit there in all of her beauty and essence. They really had come so far from where the started. She answered, “I love you too.” in reply as she glanced over at his handsome self all dressed up in suit and tie.