New Semester Rambles

We’re already into our third week of the new semester and I think that’s just crazy. I can’t believe how fast time goes by but I have to say this new semester has really been working so much better for me. New school website. New classes. Taking yet another college course. New schedule. New plans. I really do like that it all came with the new year, it certainly feels like a new start. With the start of college again last week, I’m getting settled into my new schedule and I’m really liking it – start virtual school on the weekends, finish most of it by Tuesday evening, pack lunch and fin outfit for Wednesday, get up, get ready, leave the house, arrive at the college and spend the next 3 hours finishing virtual school after finding a cozy little work spot with my computer and find a good music playlist on Spotify then throw myself into school and by 11:45 I’m pretty much finished and it’s lunch time with Nessa, then off to class and I’m out by 3:45 and my Wednesday is basically iver and I’m almost through with school – it’s great. Not to mention I’ve started journaling and sketching and really getting back into my creative groove. I’m really loving this new semester.

Happy Tuesday. đŸ™‚