The Effects of Technology Today on Students

Technology has come a long way by aiding us with improved research, better communication and in several other ways but every good thing has its downfall and unfortunately technology has also helped us to isolate ourselves from the real world. Focusing in on technology’s effects on students, we have come to see a lot of this nowadays.
Students are assigned all kinds of work and projects in class which are to be researched for. While handheld encyclopedias and books may be useful but they are often outdated and so online encyclopedias, books, and other means of research—which are constantly being updated—have really become a necessity to our students today. The many online resources make researching a much simpler task than it used to be.
Students also benefit from the technology drastically improving and making simpler ways of communication—from calling, texting, emailing, video chatting, and just about everything else. These advances in technology have been very beneficial to students. With it right at their fingertips, students can easily get a hold of teachers almost immediately and receive help on their assignment or something they didn’t understand in class. This also goes for family, friends and even tutors, or any other person they need to get in contact with.
Even with all of the great and wonderful benefits of technology, it still holds us back in some ways. A great disadvantage to technology is the simplicity and isolation it gives us. Going home to the great distractions of the TV, phone, iPad, and other such devices, people often find themselves developed in all of it for hours at a time. Especially students who sit back and hide behind a computer screen to escape the real world—it’s really debilitated many people from the way they interact with others.
Overall technology has been a really great thing—especially to students. For one, technology is constantly updating its resources to make research so much simpler. Technology with its vast amount of ways to get in contact with someone for help, or whatever need-be, it has made communication a lot less difficult. Now of course every great thing has its pros and cons, depending on the way someone chooses to use it. Quite often technology is used as a means of distraction, especially amongst teens and students.


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