Childhood Interests | Interests Now

When I was a child I loved watching Scooby Doo with my bowl of cereal every Saturday morning. I would always go throughout the show anticipating who the scary monster would be. Today I joke that Scooby Doo was the reason I enjoy criminal investigation shows so much. I find it fascinating when the investigators or agents can create a profile for their bad and it usually ends up being right. Just like in Scooby Doo, they would slim down the probable candidates for scary monster and sometimes they were right–and sometimes they were totally wrong, but that was sort of the fun of the show because you too could participate in figuring out their town monster. Nowadays I watch things such as Criminal Minds for the same effect, to figure out who the bad guy is. Of course it’s much darker and gruesome than Scooby Doo, seeing as Scooby Doo is a children’s show; but that’s all a part of growing up I suppose and being allowed to watch the “scarier” stuff. Though I must admit, I did recently have a Scooby Doo marathon.. so maybe I haven’t entirely finshed growing up 😉


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