A Typical Day – Then and Now

Sitting in my grandparent’s cozy little living room, I listen to them chatter on about the good ‘ole times and how everything is so different now. They could go on for hours at a time just talking about their everyday life. From jokes about the old telly, fresher foods, the simplicity of not worrying about playing out late at night or even locking your doors; life seemed so much simpler. I think about the things they’ve mentioned and how it differs from the life I live today.
Then−Waking up in the morning to the smell of fresh toast and eggs, father typically rushing off to work, and mother tending to her studies, it was the start of a brand new day. Looking for something to wear was simple enough. Girls wore dresses to school every day; they were not allowed to wear jeans or pants. Boys also kept it simple with long pants and their shirt tucked in. After eating and getting ready you’d still have just a bit of free-time to spare. Of course, with there being only 3 television channels to flip through in the morning, there wasn’t too much to watch. But it also wasn’t such a time-consuming task. The schools were fairly close and times were much safer and so you could walk to school and back without any fear or worry. After school, you could drop by the Dime Store and with 25 cents and buy an entire bag of candy. Movie tickets were 50 cents, so if you had saved up allowance, you could maybe catch a movie too.
Now−Waking up in the morning to grab your phone off the charger and check the latest news, the weather, or update your newsfeed, you struggle to leave the bed. Breakfast tends to be whatever you can find in the pantry or can grab on your way to work or school. A prepared and cooked breakfast tends to be on a special occasion, or weekend. Today, we have endless channels on the television to choose from, and if that isn’t already enough, we have Netflix, Redbox, online sources, and endless other ways to satisfy our entertainment needs. As for school and or work, there are plenty of means of transportation to get there and back. Unfortunately walking isn’t so much a safe thing to do anymore, and with all of the ways of transportation, it may be an inconvenience.
We have come a long way from where we were a few decades ago, with all kinds of advancement in technology and transportation and in plenty more areas. Just about everything has changed. Food. Clothing. Entertainment. The safety of the world we live in nowadays and the world we used to live in. While I do love and appreciate most of it all and how far we’ve come, sometimes I think I would like to go back to those simpler times.


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