A Mother’s Love (Final Draft)

A Mother’s Love
A mother’s love is greatly shown through devotion and the nurturing of her child. She will willingly spend her entire minute of her life being committed to her frolicsome children. A mother is also careful to nurture her child; showing love through the bringing up of her child with sometimes necessary discipline.
Throughout my life I’ve witnessed my mother prove these characteristics to be true. Spending seventeen long, toilsome years, my mother has held the foundation underneath our feet. Being a stay-at-home mom, vigilantly watching four children; she’s had a lot on her plate. While our father would go off to work, she would stay home to tend to the house. For the majority of our younger years, she even homeschooled us. Sacrificing every bit of her time to ensure we learned the sufficient material needed. There being three of us old enough for school, she had to take the time to learn new material for each grade so that she could properly teach each of us. On top of that, my brother was still a baby, and so there were plenty of dirty diapers to clean, and continual fits to calm. If that doesn’t show patience, I don’t know what does.

Supportive and encouraging, my mother has successfully brought us up. Everything, from her gentle touch to kind words has really made a huge impact on my life and who I am today. Sure there have been plenty of tough times and I’ve had my fair share of discipline, but if that too weren’t involved in the process then there would be an issue. What I mean by that is it’s very much needed in a healthy parent-child relationship. Discipline is about the guidance of a child; seeking his or her best interest. Without it, I would have grown up with a lack of self-control and accountability. However, she understood its value and led us on the right path.

Quite honestly, I hardly even touched on the entirety of what a mother’s love truly is. However, these were the first thoughts that came to mind. I am so thankful to have such a loving mother who has really shown me all of these wonderful characteristics. I hope to one day measure up to it when I am a mother; devoted, patient, nurturing, and everything else not mentioned.


One thought on “A Mother’s Love (Final Draft)

  1. I LOVE THIS FINAL DRAFT!!!!! I am beyond proud of you, so I can only imagine how unbelievably proud your mom must be…this was beautiful, poignant, and an amazing tribute to your mom!!! 😉


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