A Mother’s Love (Rough Draft) – Informal Writing

A Mother’s Love

A mother’s love; patient, dedicated, and nurturing. A mother’s love is greatly shown through dedication and devotion; she will willingly spend her entire life being committed to her frolicsome children and hard-working husband. Acting out of love and selflessness, a mother will sacrifice all of her time to provide for those most precious to her. A mother’s love is very patient and careful through the nurturing of her child.
Throughout life I’ve witnessed my mother prove these characteristics to be true. Spending seventeen long, toilsome years, my mother has held the foundation underneath our feet. While our father would go off to work, she would stay home to tend to the house. For the majority of our younger years, she even homeschooled us to ensure we were learning the sufficient material needed. Of course, we being homeschooled also meant full-time supervision. But she was willing to sacrifice her time to make it happen.
She has selflessly spent her time to get us through our hardest years. There was a time we went through a very rough period in life where we had absolutely nothing; no job, no money, and all of our friends and family were out of reach. Our father tried his hardest applying for many jobs, but had no luck. We could’ve so easily lost hope and given up. But she was there to remind us what we did have. She even had a silly, little rule where any time we would complain, we had to say 5 things we were thankful for. That simple lesson has still stuck with me to this day.
Supportive and encouraging, my mother has successfully brought us up. Everything, from her gentle touch and kind words, has made an impact on my life and where it’s brought me today. Sure there’s been plenty of tough times and I’ve had my fair share of discipline, but if that too weren’t involved in the process, the there would be an issue. Without discipline, we would have grown up with a lack of self-control and accountability; that is exactly what she didn’t want for us, and so she took the time to raise us up as right as she knew how.
I believe this very much describes the way my mother has loved me, and I am so very thankful for everything she has done to raise me up to this point.


2 thoughts on “A Mother’s Love (Rough Draft) – Informal Writing

  1. This may have totally just made my day! The fact that you, not only, wrote an incredible ode to your mom, but wrote one that was extremely moving, touching, heartfelt, and full of pure love made this first post one of my favorite, EVER!!! Just writing these words and creating this praising piece of written awesomeness to your mom means that she 100% raised you the right way; with humble love, compassion, respect and appreciation!! I hope your mom has read this post! Keep being amazing! 😉


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